Apple Inc. has announced OS X Yosemite at WWDC 2014 today, the next step in the Mac OS X line and following the trend of places in California. The new version of the Mac operating system features a revamped UI and new integration between OS X and iOS.

The new flatter look reminds us of iOS7, the translucent design that works with the background. The UI still has some overbearing features to show tabs on top of each other, but overall Apple has redesigned it to look similar to iOS.

Apple OS X Yosemite Features

Apple has updated Spotlight on Mac OS, allowing users to not only find local apps and files on their Mac device, but also get Internet searches and find different people. Apple also announced iCloud Drive, a new way to send folders between Mac devices, similar to Google Drive.

Changes have been added to Mail, including allowing video and other rich content to be sent overriding server protocol on mail systems. Apple has also developed Markup, which works in Mail and can be used to doodle on PDFs and images, it can make signing PDFs easy.

Safari has been redesigned for Mac OS X Yosemite, with new optimisation for JavaScript and a slimmer look on the search bar. Favorites have been moved into the Search field and Apple has made it easier than ever to share content with friends.

The biggest new thing coming to OS X Yosemite is definitely Continuity, a new way for OS X and iOS to connect with one another. This means when a user is writing an email or document on iOS, they can finish it on OS X and the two devices know what the user is doing.

Following on from Continuity, Apple has announced Instant Hotspot, allowing someone using a Mac device to leech of their iOS connection. Continuity follows into Messages and Phone Calls, allowing users to send SMS messages and make phone calls on Mac.

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