Apple Inc., (NASDAQ: AAPL) launched another iPhone 5S commercial in the “you’re more powerful than you think” series. Dedicated to every person on this Earth who is father or mother of a child, Apple reflected the use of their flagship smartphone in educating and nourishing a kid.

The TV ad showed how you can look after your infant and who are bit grown up. How it can be used with different apps to have an interactive environment for the activities kids are usually involved such as painting or drawing pictures. It even reflected an app useful in teaching kids about brushing their teeth.

This new advertisement embarks the future improvements we will witnessing after the release of iOS 8. The iOS 8, coming in next few months with the iPhone 6, along with HealthKit will open up a whole new world of advanced and powerful apps running on desktop class processor residing in the next generation of Apple iPhone.

It is no doubt that the new programming language Swift, launched by Apple this year, will do wonders in building advanced apps for various moments. Developers will now be having advanced libraries and features waiting to be integrated in their advanced and modern apps for the iDevices.

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  1. S J

    Any idiot who thinks they need a smartphone to bring up their children should never have children in the first place. This is the most ridiculous and unacceptable thing I have ever heard about Apple and given the mass of BS and hype that fills the net, thats really saying something. This is going too far and I suspect they are going to get a lot of flak over this.


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