In the newest patent from Apple, the company is going to have a stylus with the next generation of iPads. While it is most probably going be an Apple accessory, the stylus is more than just being a stick, especially for the graphic and fashion designers.

Without being rigid like any other pointing device, the “nib” for this stylus works in a lot more different way. Coming with different modes to adjust for, this stylus has the ability to be a pen or paint brush at different time.

According the Apple Insider, the “nib” can be adjusted to move in and out, the more it is out of the body, less rigid it would be. The stylus can draw thick and thin lines. Possibly coming with a switch of knob, it will be having strands for the stylus to work as a paint brush. Apple iDevices being able to support muti-touch, stylus will be able to work as brush of different sizes and shapes.

With an ability to capture the environment and then transferring back to iPad, it may work as a real world ‘color pick’. The device will be having the sensors or the very little cameras inside to capture and transfer the image back to the iPad.

Apple Insider stated, “In one embodiment, the system features light-transmissive nibs or strands through which data may pass to the touch screen or a processor on board the stylus. In this case, the touchscreen display may have cameras embedded beneath its surface to collect light information pumped out from an LED in the stylus”.

Taking designers in the account, Apple is also expected to integrate it with sensors including gyro and accelerometer. It will help the stylus to understand and judge whether its a dark or light stroke.

It would be not surprising to see if this comes with a Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity for it communicate with the device, but that’s a lot to put on a single pen-shaped stylus. While Apple is always famous for its “Think Different” approach, lets see if this comes out in future.

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