The new iOS 7.1.1 is now available for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. The update started rolling out earlier today and is tweaking some minor and major issues in the iOS 7.1. The iOS 7.1 , which was released after the SxSW this year, was pretty clean and nice update from the Apple for its iDevice users. It fixed most the issues users had with the iOS 7.

However here is the new iOS 7.1.1 tweaking the keyboard and Touch ID performance. Apple has done some minor changes in the keyboard. The bug that was affecting the keyboard’s responsiveness is not residing anywhere instead the update provides a smooth and rich experience to the user. The Touch ID, which is also expected to come in the next generation of iPads and iPod [Read More], is now more responsive than ever.
The update, only 26MB in size, has also improved the overall security of the Apple iOS. Although the Apple is not worried about the HeartBleed bug, which is creating much panics around these days [Read More], as they use their own SSL/TLS implementation. However the past it has minor issues that could have harmed users. Apple has probably fixed some new of them this time.

Another big news related to the Apple iOS is that the new iOS 8 will also be landing in the coming few months. At the WWDC conference, which is set to happen in June this year, Apple is probably going to announce the new iOS 8. The iOS 8 will debut some new apps and major performance changes. The iOS will have some apps that were only seen in the Mac OS X till now, it will also have a new app called “Health Book”, which would help users track their fitness with the next generation iDevices.

Apple is also expected to announce a newer version of iPhone — The iPhone 6. Analysts believe that the new iPhone 6 will again have two variants, one of 4.7 inches and another with a 5.5 inches. The Cupertino giant would probably announce the 4.7 inches at the WWDC and the 5.5 inches “phablet” by the end of this year.

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