Apple Inc acquired a patent this Tuesday, which will allow its iPhone users to convert the smartphone into a virtual reality headset. Reports suggest that the iPhone will work as a screen for the VR headset, however, the patent doesn’t signifies that Apple is going to launch it anytime soon.

Patent details suggest that it will combine two different units into one and iPhone will slide into it to act as a media screen. Apple Inc is apparently is in the early stages, and wants to explore more about the territory, however, the patent was applied in late 2008.

In addition to it, the most interesting feature of it is that the VR headset concept from Apple Inc is no different than the Samsung Group Gear VR headset. Samsung has already introduced a new wrap-around for its Galaxy devices.

Past this, if Apple launches this VR headset in the future, it is without a doubt that SIRI will go unaltered for it. It has been reported that the Cupertino giant will include some of the key commands that can be used while wearing the VR headset.

Currently, the pioneer in the realm of virtual reality headsets is the Oculus, which was acquired by Facebook last year for about $2 Bn. Patent suggest that the Apple Inc might not release a VR headset that has a wrap-around, but one that is wearable just like spectacles and sunglasses. The iPhone slides in the front and then everything is controlled by the voice commands and more.

Virtual reality headsets have captured the attention of almost technology giant in the industry. Last year, Google also gave away the cardboard during the annual developer conference, Google I/O, and Samsung introduced Gear VR during one of the Galaxy launch events. VR is very famous among gamers, however, not everybody is interested in them right now.

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