At WWDC, Tim Cook, CEO Apple, Inc., himself gave statistics about how efficiently Mac OS X stacks up against the Microsoft Windows operating system. Even though Apple doesn’t have any spare space for Windows in its ecosystem, on the assembly line Tim Cook showed the world how well Windows has blended into their environment.

Breaking the hearts of many Apple fans, the news surfaced on the Internet when Tim Cook posted a picture of Mac assembly line running Windows and so far on the basis of user interface, the operating system is being assumed to be the Windows XP. Since the picture the was not clear enough to give a ground solid confirmation, green start button and blue task bar said enough.

When Tim Cook visited the American Apple factory located in Texas, he posted some of the pictures out of which one was about Apple iMac running Windows operating system.  The aluminium unibody and the Apple logo left us with no doubt that these computers are Apple iMacs running on the top of a dead operating system from its biggest rival.

While it is unclear why the Cupertino giant is using old and dead Microsoft Windows XP in the iMac assembly line, the iMacs were not only running the Windows XP, but there were few other tabs opened up, possibly doing the testing of the product.

However, this also raises a question if Windows XP is better than the every other Mac OS X Apple has ever developed, aren’t they well enough to test the products in the line or there aren’t resources available for them to test the iMacs.

Well that’s only part we have seen so far, it is very much expected that Apple Inc. is using the operating system to test other devices in the line, including Macbook Pro and Macbook Air.

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  1. jBoss

    Umm. It’s because OSX is useless as a productivity OS. Everyone knows this. I’d imagine they’d want to stay somewhat productive on the iMac line lol


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