Apple Inc. users in China can now trade-in their iPhones for a credit or a discount that can be used on the other products, or for buying a new iPhone. The program that is yet to be launched, is expected to be governed entirely by the Foxconn.

According to some of the reports that have surfaced the Internet, Apple Inc is going to initiate a trade-in program in China, for users to swap their old iPhones in turn of new iPhone or credits. However, the program is entirely going to be in the control of Foxconn, report says. Apple Inc will be kept at bay from it, and the Foxconn will be responsible for selling and purchasing these old iPhones.

iphone tradein

Reports suggest that, Foxconn, one of the leading manufacturer, will buy these iPhones, repair them and sell them at the leading e-commerce websites in the country. There are even possibilities that the company will start selling them in the Apple Inc retail stores.

The program is expected to start from 31st March this year. Company is expected to set up some of the portals for the user to drop in their older iPhone and get cash in return for it.

Apple Inc recently saw a massive growth in the sales of iPhone in the China. Cupertino giant has even started opening retail stores in the country, and believes that in next few months or with the launch of next iPhone, China will surpass US in terms of sales. However, this figure is only for the iPhones not for the Macs, iPads, and other products from Apple. Also, it is yet not clear whether Foxconn will only trade-in iPhones or every product the company manufactures.

Apple is also in rumors to produce three iPhones this year, iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and a plastic body iPhone 6C with 4-inches of screen.

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