Based on conspicuous application revealed this week, Apple(NASDAQ: APPL) will bring Siri as soon as possible, which is its personal digital assistant for iPhones and iPads, to Macs, it’s not clear that when Apple will make the move, but as described in the application, which was submitted in February, a version based on Mac won’t be a simple one comparable to what already available in iOS devices. Rather, it is designed to increase strength of OS X’s superior horsepower for more challenging and compelling tasks, and to push back the boundaries of multitasking.
Since 2011 Siri has been available on iOS, but despite supposing, the typically secretive leaders of Apple have never broached plans to bring the virtual assistant to OS X. Apple hinted many times at such a move previous patents. However, and with the latest release, now its’ undoubtedly clear that Apple has devoted significant thought and resources to the concept.
There were several possible method described by Apple’s application for invoking and interacting with desktop virtual assistant, including all natural languages, text input, queries, and gesture and touch controls, such as those given these all through a trackpad.
As all based upon the application, all users should be able to See Call Siri from anywhere in the OS. There is the case in the iOS version of Siri; the desktop virtual assistant will talk to Apple server to fastly give back satisfactory responses to queries. The application confirms that assistant is going to use context and verbal signal to differentiate various types of user action. There is right to infer, at the time when user dictates text and when the user says to make a web search.
Siri for Mac, they might use visual and graphical context; it is so highly developed that if user uses the mouse cursor over a file, for instance. Siri will be able to recognize the user’s mind that what user is going to work with the file.

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