It is hardly a month for the WWDC, and we are already getting reports about new Apple products the company may announce at the conference. The Cupertino giant is expected to announce some great products this year, which includes a new iPhone 6, iWatch and more. Apple seems to combine the look and design of the Mac OS and iOS. In some recent news Apple is putting some apps in the iOS which originally belongs to the Mac OS X where on the other hand, Apple has re-designed the Mac OS X — which looks pretty much like the Apple iOS 7. The new Mac OS X 10.10 has been code named as “Syrah” and would probably be released at the WWDC this year.

The new Mac OS X will be having more white space, sharp window corners and more defined icons across the system. Mavericks was one of the most optimized Mac OS from the Apple but was having many bugs. We are hoping that the “Syrah” would not be having much of issues.

Coming down to what other products we are expecting at the WWDC includes a next generation iPhone — iPhone 6, an iWatch and an Apple TV. Reports states that the new iPhone 6 would be having two screen sizes — 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, but both the iPhones would not be released at the WWDC, Apple Inc would not be releasing the one with big screen till the end of this year. The iPhone 6 will debut some of the major changes by housing sensors which can help an individual track its health.

Next in the line is Apple iWatch. Just like the Android wearables, Apple will also be introducing a new iWatch at this WWDC. There are rumors that the new iWatch would have either a 1.5 or 1.7 inches square screen or would have curved wrist band as display. Tim Cook is most likely to announce it at the WWDC but in case if the company refrains itself from announcing it this year, it may get delayed till next year.

For now, we are just unable to put on a dot about the specifications of the iWatch, but one thing is sure it will be running the new iOS 8 communicating with the paired up iPhone over a Bluetooth connection. A few reports states that the iWatch can also be paired up with other non-Apple products.

Apple is also expected to announce a new line of MacBook Air with Retina Display — which comes only in some iDevices and MacBook Pro. It would not be wrong to say that by manufacturing the MacBook Air with Retina Display would decrease the battery life from 12 hours to somewhere near seven or eight hours. We believe that the Apple would come up with something that retains the battery life of MacBook Air — maybe it would improve it further.

Apple products unarguably the most durable products but are sometimes overpriced. The same is being is expected with the upcoming iPhone 6. The major changes in the iPhone 6 are coming with an extra cost of $100. So to own an iPhone 6, a customer has to cough up $100.

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