Apple will unveil at the Worldwide Developer Conference, which will take place next week, the new software that will allow transforming iPhones into remote controls for homes, with which you’ll be able to turn the lights on or off, to control security systems and many more.

On June 2, Apple will make its debut on the smart home market, following in Samsung’s footsteps, which included smart home appliances in phones and wearables to control fridges. Therefore, Cupertino is ready to launch the software along with the new operating system that will come with the latest iPhone model. The tech giant will offer premium features, so the iPhone owners will find the devices easy to use when they’ll try to change their home environment. For example, when you want to turn the lights on, all you have to do is to return home in the evening having your iPhone with you.

Precocious measures

Apple wants to make sure that this software won’t be vulnerable to hackers’ attacks, so the company worked hard and made deals with manufacturers of smart home devices, to ensure that the software will be compatible with the new operating system. You wouldn’t want to watch a movie in the living room, and out of the sudden, the lights to be turned on and off continuously, or the heater to be turned on, even if it’s a hot summer day.

Apple is hoping that he consumers will be receptive to this new technology and will welcome it into their houses. But the company ensures future users of this technology that it will come with privacy protection measures.

A Smart Home iWatch?

While Apple is intending to release an iWatch, many reporters spread the rumor according to which the smartwatch will have fitness/health features, but who knows, maybe the tech giant will introduce the smart home platform on this device, also.

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