In a report published by The U.S. Patent and Trademark requests, Apple has applied for a new patent on ‘Attack Detection Mode’  which automatically detects any trouble happening with the owner and alarms the surrounding with an emergency call to traditional helpline 911.

Looking at the excerpt from the same,
“For example, while the device is in attack detection mode, if the device’s user ceases to interact with the device, then the device can automatically place a telephone call to emergency services (e.g., by calling 911). For another example, while the device is in attack detection mode, if an accelerometer contained within the device detects a sudden shock, then the device similarly can automatically place a telephone call to emergency services. After detecting a probable emergency situation, the mobile device can responsively and continuously emit a loud audible alarm through the device’s speakers at maximum volume regardless of the device’s current silence or volume settings, in an effort to attract help from other people who may be nearby.”

Apple devices will be capable of detecting any attacks in near future, while we are not expecting it in the next iOS device its a still better feature for the Apple to increase sales and protect its owners. The iDevices will be  equipped with a set of hardware and software combined together to defeat the situation, for say when attack detection mode is turned on and a sudden shock is experienced by the device  accelerometer, it will emit a loud sound irrespective of the fact whether the device is in silent mode or not.

The owner has a freedom of either calling a specific set of numbers or the traditional helpline at 911. But with the case when iPhone or iPad falls down, the user can disable the alarm by entering a disarm code. It also includes a “Failsafe emergency detection”, in which user may have to touch the screen or TouchID within a time interval which will help people prone to medical emergencies.

While Apple is already having a app, ‘Find My iPhone’, this new feature will also help in reducing the number of thefts happening each year.

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