A team of archaeologists knew little that their search for the mythical “White City” or “City of the Monkey God” deep in the Honduran jungle will bring them to something more astonishing. Yes, the team did not just find the lost city of the Monkey God but a whole new unidentified civilization as well.

The search originally began in the year 2012 itself when an aerial survey of the Honduras jungle gave clues of the presence of a pre-Columbian city. Based on the survey, archaeologists assumed the ruins to be part of the fabled “White City”, the search of which has been continuing for centuries. It is believed that the “White City” was a place where Indians took shelter to protect themselves from Spanish Conquistadores.

While the archaeologists were not sure about their assumptions, their expedition deep in the jungle led to a surprise. National Geographic reported that the team did confirm the presence of the ancient city, but it also stumbled upon an untouched site of extensive plazas, mounds, earthworks, an earthen pyramid along with an amazing cache of over 50 stone sculptures. An archaeologist, Christopher Fisher, who was also part of the team said that the untouched condition of the site was “incredibly rare”. It is estimated that the site belong to the era of 1,000 to 1,400 A.D.

Archaeologists find traces of unknown ancient civilization in Honduras jungle

The discovery of the lost “White City” has now led archaeologists to believe that there could be more such lost cities in Mosquitia jungle in Honduras. The team threw light from their study that the discovered city show signs of an unknown culture, which might have existed millennia ago.

Fisher said that the unearthing of the lost city may pave the way for understanding of its region and history. Following the success, Fisher said that the team is preparing to work on a long-term program of archaeological survey in order to better understand the details of the lost civilization. Fisher said that European introduced disease might be one possible cause of extinction of this civilization, but he did not rule out other possibilities.

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