ARM holdings (NASDAQ: ARMH) now has introduced a new OS that will make Internet of things even better. The software and OS released for the devices based on its processors, such as Cortex M7, will help the industry to build more efficient and smart Internet of Things. Most of the companies are working IoTs as it will be a $50 billion market in 2020.

The new software launched by the company revolves around the three factors, connectivity, security and the base management tools. Connectivity offers a seamless communication link in between the server and the client, or the node that is in between the communication link. ARM sees the mbed devices as a base layer in the Internet of Things.

ARM holdings say, “The Internet of Things (IoT) is about devices and services delivering end-to-end solutions. The ARM® mbed™IoT Device Platform is the fastest way to create commercial and interoperable connected IoT devices based on ARM microcontrollers.
Interoperability between nodes and cloud services across market segments will unleash the full potential of the IoT. Although the IoT market is made up of many vertical segments, most applications that can make use of Internet connected devices have a common foundation.”

The OS and the software serve the very basic needs of the device to communicate, connect and do the operations. Companies working for it now won’t have to waste their time and money for developing the things from the ground up.

Company marks majors points as,
With the ARM mbed IoT Device Platform we are:

  • Solving the fragmentation problem in embedded design by providing a common OS foundation for developing IoT devices.
  • Enabling future proof designs by supporting all the key open standards for connectivity and device management.
  • Enabling updatable and secure devices at the edge capable of additional processing and functionality.
  • Solving the complex problem of power consumption by providing automatic power management.
  • Providing cloud based development tool suite so that you develop your products faster than ever.
  • Bringing together leading embedded and cloud technology companies along with component manufacturers, system integrators and OEMs who want to enable the technology, tools and services needed to accelerate innovation in the creation and deployment of IoT Systems.

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