UK-based firm, ARM Holdings today unveiled a new processor that is not only battery-efficient,  but is also a best suite for graphic and intense computing needs. The new Cortex A72 is a powerful processor and takes nearly 75% less energy than the older 32 bit Cortex-A15 processors. It is also the one that is 3.5 times faster than the same A15 line of processors.

The launch of Cortex A72 processors come as a blessing to the struggling mobile industry. Solving the heat problems, which has always been a matter of concern to the manufacturers, the Cortex A72 keeps itself cool even at the times of intense computing. It serves the graphic needs very well and saves the battery life for prolonged use of the device.

There is no detailed information available on how Cortex A57 and A72 stack up against each other. However, an analysis stated that the new A72 is still 1.9 times faster than the A57. And just like the A57 processors, A72 can also be used in big.LITTLE designs with A53 cores on the side. This configuration is said to save the device battery up to 50%. 

ARM Holdings also announced that their processors are also capable of processing the tasks that were done in the cloud until now. The computing intense tasks such as speech recognition can easily be performed on the device itself. The processor will help in computing the results that are more accurate.

However, companies are also concerned about another important fact that is the royalty ARM Holdings is going to ask for. ARM Holdings itself do not manufacture the chips, but takes the fee from other companies, including Apple and Samsung, that manufactures them. If the company asks for a higher royalty then there are possible chances that the processors will only be limited to high-end devices, such as iPhone.

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