In a new finding, astronomers claimed that they have captured the clearest ever image of the formation of the planet around its baby star. One can easily see the dark rings made of gas and dust surrounding the core. The planet is revolving around the star Hl Tau in the constellation Taurus, 450 light-years away from the Earth.

Dr Aprajita Verma, an astrophysicist at the University of Oxford, has affirmed it to be phenomenal and added “this shows how exciting Alma is going to be – it’s going to be an incredible instrument.”

The director general of the European Southern Observatory, Prof Tim de Zeeuw, stated “most of what we know about planet formation today is based on theory. Images with this level of detail have up to now been relegated to computer simulations or artist’s impressions.” European Southern Observatory is amongst the several organizations involved in Alma.

According to Dr. Verma, the image provided an important piece of evidence, especially because the star HL Tau is very young. “I think the big result is that you might have expected just a smooth disc,” she explained to BBC. She further added “but you’re really seeing multiple rings – and where it’s darker, that’s where you’ve cleared the material already in the disc.”

She also confirmed that the entire process took place much faster than predicted from existing data. “It means that things are coagulating. It’s really a planetary system that you’re seeing at a very early time. These rings will form planets, asteroids, comets… And eventually as the star evolves, this will cool and settle and there will be more clearing and more individual objects, just like we see in our solar system”, she elucidated. By tracking, this phenomenon scientists may get some clues on birth of our Earth.

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