According to various reports, Asus is working on an Android-based wearable smartwatch project, which will be getting launched in September this year.

Asus had previously notified its plan to release Android-based wearable smartwatch this year. However, the details on this plan were never disclosed by the company.

According to a source familiar with this matter, Asus will launch an Android-powered smartwatch later this year, and will carry a price between $99 and $149.

Asus Android smartwatch will reportedly feature an AMOLED display and slightly low price compared to Samsung and LG. Asus Smartwatch will initially go on sale at any price point between $99 and $149, sources familiar with this matter said.

Asus had previously discussed some of its plans, reported viewers across the globe about its gesture control on a smaller screen more suitable to wristband computing.

While voice control would be an ideal way to go for Asus, as the company is looking after a breakthrough for getting into the wearable technology. Voice and gesture controls have already been around for quite a while now.

Asus is hoping to lead this project in such a way that it can fulfill company’s expectations, making itself a $20 billion industry in the near future.

However, all these things took place prior to search giant Google’s introduction to its own Android Wear at Google I/O. Hence we are not sure if it’s the same project we have discussed in this post or some different.

Although, we have continuously been watching almost each and every of the major electronics OEM jumping in the Android Wear, which we think for just the sake of fear of being left behind in this whole new technology world and in the market where these wearables are booming.

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