The heavily rumored Galaxy S5 Active is now available at AT&T, after a few months of leaks and rumors regarding the device. After the Galaxy S5 was announced with a water-resistant design, we didn’t really see the need for the Active, but Samsung has ruggedised the smartphone for more “active” people.

Internally the Galaxy S5 Active is the same smartphone as the original, sporting a 5.1-inch 1080p display, 2.5GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, 16MP camera and heart-rate sensor. The only change is the fingerprint sensor, not coming onto the Active.

On top of being water and dust proof, the Galaxy S5 Active is also shock resistant. The ruggedised smartphone could survive a few falls and calls out to a niche market, who want a phone that can survive the outdoors without breaking.

It’s definitely a step down in the looks department and the colors represent Samsung’s thoughts on who should own this phone, coming in camo green, titanium grey and ruby red, the latter being the oddest choice out of the three.

Samsung are obviously sold on the idea of making as many variants of the Galaxy S as possible in a year, last year we got the Mini, Active and Zoom, this year we might get all three of those plus a new S5 Prime.

The Galaxy S5 Active will be exclusive on AT&T for the time being, no word on when or if any other carrier will pick up the smartphone in the United States, our guess is they won’t considering the niche market.

Samsung has still got the $199 on contract price tag for the Galaxy S5 Active, despite the niche market. Considering the internals are the same as the original Galaxy S5, we can see why Samsung stuck to the same price.

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