Audio books downloads are recordings of the written book being read and converted into different audio formats. They may not represent the precise original texts on the book itself. Audio books, just like their black and white counterparts, usually come in two types, abridged which pertains to shortened versions of the actual literary composition, and the unabridged which applies to the unchanged original version of the book.

You can have your pick on the type of audio book that you need. These audio books can now be availed in different formats beginning with the all popular compact disc configuration which is what we typically see in record bars and book stores everywhere. The compact disc audio books customarily come in nice attractive packages particularly the ones reserved for youngsters, wrapped up in colourful characters and many of them are displayed with presents attached to them like posters, stickers, and other promotional gifts.

The old cassette type was once the most popular audio book medium and for the longest time, folk enjoyed listening to their favourite book through the cassette tape format. Actually at some particular point in the past, most do it yourself and inspiring books have had cassette tape representations and folk listened to them while driving automobiles. I can still remember my Fathers Og Mandino cassette tapes set always ready in the glove compartment of our automobile and he never fails to pop in a tape while driving me to college or going off to work.

And then the compact discs came and usurped the market that the cassette tape lorded over for so very long. With better audio quality, crisp, clear sound, the audio books in compact disc format made waves. The compact disc sales of audio books accounted for three fourths of the total gross sales back in 2005 based totally on a survey.

The worldwide web introduced new audio formats and quickly , audio books joined in and made their own versions. Now, you can go browsing and search for audio books that can be downloaded and streamed giving the chance for you to hear your favourite book wherever you are so long as there’s Internet access in that area. Other mediums of audio books came along making it possible to store a generally chunky item into tiny audio playing devices e. G the iPod and other MP3 players using the various different audio book formats such as Windows Media Audio and advanced audio coding.

In sum, the draft explains the move from books being read, through to the first audio cassettes. These started being replaced in the 1980s by a new format the compact disc or CD.

Now everything has moved on a step further as the web continues to grow making it possible now to simply downloand audio books onto playing devices like the ipod or any other mp3 player.

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