Following the disappearance of the Malaysian flight MH370 on March 8, Malaysian and Australian authorities are not backing down in their efforts to locate the missing airplane that had 239 people on board. After a four month hiatus, three specialized underwater search ships – the GO Phoenix, Fugro Discovery, and Fugro Equator – have been deployed to undertake extensive underwater trawling of the areas authorities believe the air flight must have crashed in.

The GO Phoenix will be used for close to a year to scour underwater zones where the missing airplane is believed to have disappeared, and the Fugro Discovery has been billed to search a second area within the week while the third vessel Fugro Equator will be deployed at the end of this month when bathymetric work will have been completed.

Authorities have published the fact that the GO Phoenix will search along the Seventh Arc, which is a stretch of the ocean where it is believed that the missing air-flight must have run out of fuel before crashing into the part of the ocean; and this Monday, the GO Phoenix has started on this 12-day trawling mission along the mapped zone of the Seventh Arc. The Fugro Discovery will follow suit in another part of the ocean to be covered within a few days hence and the Fugro Equator will also be a part of the action by this month-end.

The nations of Malaysia and Australia are contributing $60 million each to fund the underwater search operations, and hopes are being renewed that the three specialized vessels deployed for the underwater search operations in the designated ocean parts will turn up with evidences of the Malaysian flight crash.

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