Ontario – While it is terrible news for the poor farmers, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has confirmed that preliminary tests have revealed avian H5 influenza on another farm in Ontario. The farm in Oxford County, which breeds broiler chickens, has been placed under quarantine.

Determination if the subtype and strain of the virus has not been done, but further testing is underway. The poultry industry has been notified to adopt enhanced bio-security measures to stop the spread of the disease. The disease is commonly known as bird flu.


Bird flu does not pose a big threat if we handle and cook the food properly. The influenza is not known to eafect humans unless they have consistently been in contact with infected birds. However, the public health authorities have been alerted and have been asked to take precautionary measures.

The disease came to light after initial tests were conducted on April 17, at the University of Guelph, following a series of unexpected chicken deaths.

All birds present on the infected premises will be disposed of in accordance with the environmental regulations of the region. The authorities have also pledged to do this in a humane fashion as per the international disease control guidelines.

The CFIA gave charge to quarantine the farm and control cross movement. The surrounding area will also be surveyed for any signs of the disease spreading.

The provincial authorities have been asked to deal with the problem of carcass disposal after the CFIA has started the depopulation process. Once this is all done, further measures will be put in place to look for any sign of the infection being left behind on the farm. The provincial authorities, the CFIA, and the farm owners are working closely together towards ridding the state of this pest.

The governing bodies are to keep working together so as to address different issues as they emerge, during and after the cleansing process. The Canadian poultry industry has begun practicing high-level bio-security measures to stop the disease from spreading any further.

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