Iceland’s Bardarbunga Volcano continues erupting, but there is no ash now, unlike Sunday’s outbreak due to which Iceland Met Office raised the aviation warning to the highest level. The height of the lava fountains was more 165 feet. The magma flows are now several kilometres long and the crack is believed to be 1800 meters long. Lava fountains on the fissure extended up to 100 meters high. This was fourth eruption since August 23.

“The fissure eruption is continuing at a stable level. No explosive activity is observed, the eruption remains an effusive lava eruption,” Iceland’s Meteorological Office said in a statement.

Scientific Advisory Board of the Icelandic Civil Protection, which includes Scientists from the Icelandic Met Office and the Institute of Earth Sciences and representatives of the Civil Protection in Iceland, concluded a noticeable decrease in seismicity has occurred during the last 24 hours. The level of activity is approximately half of that during recent days. “Since midnight today, around 300 earthquakes have occurred. At the same time yesterday, 01 September, around 500 earthquakes had been detected,” says the Icelandic Met Office’s official page.

It is believed that this eruption which began on Sunday will continue for weeks. It might also pose health hazards as these blasts from such explosions send hot ash clouds in the air, which may cause flooding with the glaciers melting.

Scientists are on high alert after innumerable earthquakes have hit Iceland’s 190 km long and 25km wide volcano system in the last two weeks.

An ash cloud Iceland managed to close Europe’s air space for six days in 2010.

If any hazardous eruption starts in Iceland, it would affect the tourism of the country to a great extent. A lot of tourists travel to Iceland to witness The Northern Lights, which takes place in winter from September to April. The Northern Lights is a phenomenon of aurora borealis, named after the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora, and the Greek name for the north wind, Boreas.


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