A new study shows that the most effective way to get rid of obesity, and move towards weight loss is behavioral counseling. America has a high ratio of obese and non-obese, 65:35. There is a very high percentage of people who are over weight, or above the normal weighing human scale standards. There are a large number of people who are trying all ways and means to tackle obesity and bring the weigh under control.

The director of the research center Thomas Wadden stated that, “Primary care givers have several health problems to take care of every day. This allows them with no time to conduct weight loss counseling every week or every alternate week. The most effective weight reduction programs are the ones that combine diet and exercise with behavioral skills.” He also explained that if weight is lost ‘effectively’, it can take along with it all health problems. However there are very few centres offering such services

Obesity causes hypertension, heart diseases and also diabetes. Behavioral counseling has proved to be a primary way to have a control on obesity and its related problems. The research team in Philadelphia, from Penn’s Center for Weight and Eating disorders observed in study and stated in report that in more than 3,000 cases, they did not find a single case that evaluated counseling provided by primary care providers and met the guidelines laid down by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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  1. Rebecca Candler

    It can be in the head. it was for me , i had a “crak head ” mentality toward food once i brok it i was able to stick to my diet much better. Im doing the ethosien diet and ive lost 34 lbs now in about 4 months.


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