Lebanon is fast getting caught in the quagmire of the Syrian Civil war and is getting bloodied each day in bomb blasts. It was only the passage of time before Lebanon will be dragged unwillingly into the Syrian Civil War. The deadly mixture of diverging interests in the players in the Lebanon political fabric had to break asunder. The worst fears of experts are coming true. On one hand there is Hezbollah which is supported by Iran and is propping up the Assad regime in Syria. On the other hand, Sunni factions are helping the rebel forces to oust the Assad regime.

A huge car bomb in Central Beirut has killed the former Lebanese Minister Mohamad Chatah and several other people. Mohamad Chatah was well known for his opposition to the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and was on the way to attend a meeting when a car bomb went off in the close proximity of Chatah’s car. Eye witness described the explosion as huge and the car in which Mr. Chatah was travelling was completely destroyed. The explosion was heard many kilometers away and a huge pall of smoke was seen at the blast site. Lebanese news agencies have reported that over 50 people were wounded and some of the wounded are in a very critical condition.

The video broadcast on local TV showed people on fire and the site around the blast site littered with broken human body pieces. A popular coffee shop and a restaurant was also completely gutted in the blast. A number of cars were still on fire hours after the blast.

Much of the sprawling Metropolis, Beirut, was shut down after the blast and security forces were blocking off the roads across the city.

Beirut has witnessed a number of blasts over the past and the fears of Lebanon once again sliding into a civil war are becoming true. In November twin suicide bombing took place targeting the Iranian embassy in retaliation for its support to the Hezbollah which has been popping up the present regime in Syria.

Chatah was also an outspoken critic of Hezbollah, and in his last Twitter message wrote: Hezbollah is pressing hard to be granted similar powers in security & foreign policy matters that Syria exercised in Lebanon for 15 yrs.

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