It could not have come at a worse period; with the dust of the NSA scandal just settling down, another spy scandal has come into light. The German spy scandal seems to boil over and is likely to severely test the relations between two close allies – U.S. and Germany.

Chancellor Angela Merkel in a dramatic display of wrath expressed her displeasure after official’s unearthed two suspected U.S. spies. Germany has told the CIA station chief to leave the country and the scandal has brought relation between the two nations to levels not seen since 2003 when Merkel’s predecessor opposed the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003.

It was ironic that the present Chancellor, who herself had grown up among the Stasi infested East Germany and her phone along with thousands of other phones in Germany had been bugged by American agents.

The chancellor just could not contain her seething rage when she said, “Spying on allies … is a waste of energy,”

“We have so many problems; we should focus on the important things.”

Merkel said that Berlin was once the key listening post for the CIA behind the east bloc Iron Curtain and the cold war had created a haze of mistrust. This is 21st century. The threats are new and different from what they were in the cold war years. Today Berlin has become the capital of one of the Europe’s most powerful economy.

Some senior conservative supporters came out openly to dub US actions as stupid. Spying on your allies is not right and the once unearthed the move is sure to backfire.

Merkel’s spokesman said that the US intelligence official in the Berlin Embassy was asked to leave the country after prosecutors’ investigations into U.S. intelligence activity in Germany.

US government source said the unnamed official was the Berlin Station Chief for the CIA. The person could be forcibly expelled if he did not leave voluntarily.

Germans have very high regard for US which helped to bring down the Berlin wall are filled with a deep sense of betrayal when the news was released that Berlin had discovered a suspected U.S. spy in the Defense Ministry. This is only days after a German foreign intelligence worker was arrested on suspicion of being a CIA informant and admitted passing documents to a U.S. contact.

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