An association of technology companies which includes all the big Whigs of the technology world Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Netflix has asked the US FCC on Monday to create rules which will ensure the neutrality of the web.

These companies have asked the US FCC to prevent the bifurcation of the web into fast and slow lane, something they feel will distort the market, discourage innovation and harm Internet users.

FCC was taking a new step in regulating the web neutrality post the U.S. appeals court which threw out the original regulation in January. However FCC wanted to allow broadband providers to engage in “commercially rational” traffic management and would also enable paid prioritization in some cases.

The official comment which was filed by The Internet Association calls for strong net neutrality to be ensured by FCC and adopt “simple, light-touch rules to ensure that the Internet remains open, dynamic, and spontaneous.”

If such rules are enforced, it will ensure a web which is free from censorship, discrimination and anticompetitive behavior, and give consumers unfettered access to the content they want. Broadband users should get the content for which they are paying and there should not be any hindrance in the speed and quality. In other words there should not be any kind of artificial “slow lanes” and the rules must be applied regardless of from where the web is being accessed a fixed or mobile access provider.

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