Gamers are soon going to get a good news as ‘bioshock’ is soon going to be launched in formats compatible for iPhones and IPads. like XCOM: Enemy Unknown before, BioShock is also a premium ios game so it will be launched in a premium price range.
2K Games’ china studio is currently working to move BioShock from high ended consoles and PC to iOS. The price of the game is unknown so far, but it will be between the ranges of 10$ – 30$. As it is a very old game so it will be in the lower range of price. But the company did not reveal any exact pricing detail. Most probably the game will be launched this summer.
2K games said, “the new mobile version of BioShock will bring the complete experience of the original ‘genetically enhanced’ action-adventure, first-person shooter to iOS devices.”
It further added “BioShock delivers a true triple-A first-person shooter game experience on the iOS platform, by sending players on an underwater adventure to explore the submerged Art Deco city of Rapture, fighting deranged survivors of a failed objectivist utopia and genetically modifying their own DNA to gain superhuman powers,”
BioShock is a game developed by Irritational games in 2007. According to irritational and 2K the game will be played through the underwater city of Rupture, and the game’s story will be same as that of original. The game also won 28 awards for the excellent writing, art, audio, and the overall quality, which includes the game of the year award 2007 from Game Informer, Spike TV, X-play and BAFTA.
BioShock will offer controller support for with iOS. It will work with all the basic controllers that already worked. The game will be compatible with iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPad 4, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, and iPhone 5. The game will not be compatible with versions earlier than these.

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