Recently at Google I/O, company affirmed that they would work together with Samsung and consolidate their KNOX as a basis for their security in Android L. KNOX is available only Samsung devices right now, however when Android L is discharged, KNOX will cause add some security to a new Operating System.

The decision will help Google to dispatch Android more quickly into the government, military and enterprise world where there is a huge opportunity for expansion and growth.

BlackBerry’s chief executive John has commented on Google’s decision to incorporate Samsung as an integral part of Android’s latest operating system – Android L. According to John, while BlackBerry applauds the efforts of its competitors – Google and Samsung in security, it doesn’t believe that their efforts are “enough” for security-minded enterprises.

“At BlackBerry, our entire focus is on making workers more productive, and organizations more secure. While we applaud Google and Samsung for their plans, we don’t think it’s enough for security-minded enterprises. Instead, look to companies that have invested three decades into advancing the twin causes of security and productivity. In other words, don’t be dazzled by those who can talk the security talk. Instead, look to the company that has repeatedly proven it can walk the walk,” says John Chen, CEO at Blackberry.

Although, BlackBerry would have considered that Google license some of its IP in order to improve the security performance in the Android ecosystem, said Chen. According to him, BlackBerry is certainly planning to license its patents. As of now, Google has partnered with Samsung at the security front of its ecosystem.

Meanwhile, BlackBerry will continue struggling and aiming the enterprise market to make its customers realize that they’re under more secured ecosystem compared to Android and iOS.

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  1. alderran

    Samsung knox eats up my battery. I don’t like Samsung. I hate their software. 11 months till my contract is up and I smash this galaxy s4. Touchwiz is an abomination. Their software is full of bugs. In update 4.3 Knox kept telling me some app was doing something wrong but it wouldn’t tell me what or what app. As part of this big security update and to marktet to the govt they locked the bootloader so now I am stuck with Samsung and their horrible software.

    Knox is another in a multitude of reasons to knot by samsung junk.

  2. Rich Kleinschmidt

    Thanks for the info, but at least the 4:57 version of the article needs some serious copy editing.

  3. Adam

    chens just mad b/c government will switch from blackberry to Android


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