BlackBerry (NASDAQ: BBRY) is expected to launch the BlackBerry Passport this Wednesday. However, the company CEO announced that the smartphone is going to cost a bit lower than any smartphone selling without a contract in the market right now. The smartphone from BlackBerry is very square in shape and will go on sale with a price of $599.


“But I figure that to try to get the market interested, we’re going to start a little lower than that,”said John Chen, CEO BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Passport is a square smartphone with a screen size of 4.7inches; it comes along with the iconic QWERTY keyboard and has a resolution of 1440X1440, which offers the same viewing as any 5 inch smartphone.

The company is expected to ship the device with a powerful Quad Core Qualcomm processor and a massive 3,450mAh battery. However, most of the specifications are still unknown and will be revealed after the phone is released on 24th September.

However, the Morning Star analyst said, “BlackBerry just needs one hit phone for now. It doesn’t quite matter whether it is the Passport, the Classic or anything else, but they do need one device to jump-start the hardware business again. The big question really is whether any of these devices will kick-start it.”

There are no reports about the availability and price in the other countries; the company’s spokesperson denied to shed a word on it. The spokesperson said that all specs, prices and availability will be announced at the launch event only. However; the event will go live in Toronto, Dubai, and London simultaneously and the device will be available in few stores right after the event.

The big news here is that the company is also working on producing wearables in the market but; it might keep itself away from producing any BlackBerry Watch.

A few of the reports suggest that the company is taking a huge risk by launching at a time when Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus just got launched. It is also being expected that the BlackBerry Passport won’t be able to do much except selling a few million units.

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