Gaining more rise in the market, BlackBerry (NASDAQ: BB) has now sold over 200,000 Passport smartphones and is making people around the world to wait for a batch of next 200,000 phones. It is truly amazing for the company to gain such growth when it was on the verge of getting bankrupt a few months ago. The Canadian smartphone is making its way to becoming a choice for investors.

The company sold as many as 200,000 BlackBerry Passport in just few hours, where it took only 6 hours for the Shop BlackBerry to mark this device as sold out. Amazon had to spend only 10 hrs to make that happen. CEO John Chen said that the company is making an outstanding sale of the devices, which has never been in the past few years.

“The product is broader and deeper and has history with most customers,” Chen added. “I have spoken to many executives and people are very interested in working with us. Our technology works and works well. Governments use it and major banks use it. We’re winning them back — knock on wood; I don’t want to be overconfident — and we’re starting to see that with very big companies.”

BlackBerry right now is attracting the investors in the Wall Street to spend some money on BlackBerry share; it seems that the company has finally made a come back and will grow further.

“Over time, I’d like to see the revenue mix shift to software and services, since the device business is a losing battle for most companies,” said Maribel Lopez, an analyst at Lopez Research. “There is some potential for sales of more special purpose devices, but general smartphone sales are a loss leader.”

“They probably have new energy over there that they can save BlackBerry, so they probably felt they could make a device that would take the world by storm,”Ken Dulaney, an analyst at Gartner said. “The problem is that they have to sell millions and millions to consumers and consumers have moved on to other devices. Once you buy a bunch of apps, you aren’t going to switch [operating systems] when you have to re-buy all your apps. Why would consumers go out and buy this Passport when there really isn’t anything wrong with Android and Apple devices and then risk not having the apps they will want?”

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