Blogging Underground

Do you have a website or a blog? Do you ever wonder how to get your site to rank on the first page of Google? Studies have shown that Exact Keyword Relevant In-Content Links are very important for top rankings.

The key is Backlinks (aka hyperlinks) the more links the more relevance the search engines give your site, the more relevance your site has the higher you rankings are. Simple right?

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The best links are exact keyword relevant in-content links, Google especially likes these types of links and gives them more “power” in the ranking calculations. All links are calculated based on a number of factors, and while Google does not give out their formulas, we can make some assumptions as to what kind of links are weighted higher than others.

We know that MIL & EDU links are rated very high, the next on the list is exact in content links, on pages that also score highly for quality of content and quality of site.

Sounds complex?

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Not really, the bottom line is it is very easy to get a top ranking when you have the right kind of links pointing at your web pages.

So how does a webmaster go about getting these high quality exact keyword relevant in content links pointing at their pages? While there are a number of ways to go about getting quality links, I have found one that you should take a look at: Blogging Undergound.

Michael Liebner has created a membership site that allows you access to post in an aged network of over 350 high quality blogs that Google loves and respects. As a member Blogging Underground allows you to post in the blogs and backlink your pages exactly the way that gets top rankings fast and easy. The blogs are on aged domains and are spread out on servers all over the world.

When you join Blogging Underground you can start posting and getting links in the blogs immediately. Some members report getting pages indexed within hours and report top rankings in just days after posting their links in the blogs!

If you are tired of building backlinks, spending countless hours tracking down quality content or paying to have your backlinking outsourced that you should take a look at this impressive network, that can give your website an advantage over your competition.

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