The fall of an ex-Communist Party official has offered a rare opportunity into the infighting and corruption with the political elite in China.

In what came as no surprise to most, Bo Xilai, once one of the most powerful politicians in China, was handed a life sentence on charges of embezzlement, abuse of power and bribery.

At his sentencing at the People’s Court, Bo was seen publically for the first time wearing handcuffs. The sentencing caps off an 18-month long scandal, which has allowed outsiders, a slight glimpse into the sordid world of the ruling Communist Party in China.

Bo also had his political rights taken away for life.

The scandal involves the murder by Bo’s wife through using cyanide of a business consultant from Britain. In addition, police chief, who reportedly was infatuated with Bo’s wife, even though she was his bosses’ wife.

A pair of shoes, which were the police chief’s, were found in Bo’s house, causing Bo to take offense. Gu, Bo’s wife was convicted last year on murder charges, while the police chief is serving time for bribery as well as other charges.

Beyond all the scandalous details, the case involving Bo gave the people of China an opportunity to see the infighting that has plagued the Communist Party that prefers to look as though they are an entity tied together through unity.

Bo was able to avoid a death sentence, which he could have received, although prosecutors attempted to paint the ex-Politburo member as a corrupt cadre, his trial did not address his alleged action of brutality during his rule of the city of Chongqing. He was accused at that time of jailing those who upset him with little or no regard for due process.

The trial of Bo will not end the political scandals as China President Xi Jinping is calling for a campaign against graft and probes into PetroChina and other government entities.

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