Authorities cordoned off a large area of Boston’s downtown on Tuesday to continue their investigation into the deadly bombings on Monday at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

The two bombs killed three people and wounded over 140. A long stretch of Boylston Street and a number of blocks surrounding it had been closed off to traffic. Investigators searched the area for evidence to try to identify who had placed the bombs that were filled with ball bearings to maximize the number of casualties.

The White House called the bombings a terrorist attack and President Obama vowed that authorities would find the individuals responsible and bring them to justice using the full weight of our laws.

The attack on Monday was the worst inside the borders of the U.S. since the attacks of September 11, 2001, when militants from al-Qaeda flew aircraft that had been hijacked into the World Trade Center towers in New York City and into the Pentagon. Those attacks killed close to 3,000 people.

Dozens of Boston police and National Guard vehicles could be seen parked in the area that was cordoned off. Authorities searched for clues in that area, which was empty of pedestrians and cars.

A local station in Boston reported that police had searched a suburban apartment located in Revere, which is a city located six miles to the northeast of Boston. The FBI would not confirm or deny media reports of the apartment search. A spokesperson for the FBI said it would brief the media later in the morning.

Overnight, authorities briefed the President on the investigation.  Obama will also be briefed again prior to the FBI briefing media in Boston.

Officials are reviewing numerous photos and video taken from the area during the marathon searching for any clues to determine the identity of those involved with the attack.

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