The Britain has just voted in favor of three parent babies. The UK parliament has just given its sanction to a controversial law which will allow the ‘creation’ of babies from the genes of three people, hoping it will enable women with serious genetic disorders to have healthier kids who do not suffer from the same problems as them. this has made the tiny country the first country in the world to vote in favor of in-vitro fertilization using DNA from three people.

Though the British lawmakers voted in favor of the bill by an overwhelming majority after an emotionally charged 90 minutes of debating, some among the scientific community and outside it have expressed fears that it could lead to a ‘designer baby’ culture.

As already mentioned here earlier, “the 37 genes in the mitochondria are for energy making. They do not make us who we are or what we are. Yet children born with defective ones often don’t live a year or two. Others get gradual deterioration of muscles, heart, kidneys, vision and brain and die in their late teens and early 20s.”

Pioneered by scientists at Newcastle University, mitochondrial donation involves using standard IVF techniques to fertilise an egg from an affected woman and another from a donor. The nucleus which contains 99.9% of the parents DNA is then removed from the affected embryo, leaving behind the defective mitochondria.

At the same time the nucleus from the donated embryo is also removed and then transplanted with the nucleus containing the parents’ genes into the donated embryo, which would then be implanted in the mother’s womb.”

Though the number of women affected inside the UK is relatively small (only 2,500), the decision is likely to have a much greater significance outside the British orders.

“The vote is a very, very big deal,” says Metzl, who has testified before the US Congress on genetic engineering run amok, an issue he explored in his 2014 novel Genesis Code. “It’s the first time ever that a state [has] authorized human genetic engineering with a vote from parliament.”

Since the law now has legal sanction, the first human trials are expected to get underway in October, meaning thereby that ‘genetically engineered’ or ‘designer babies’ could become a reality by August 2016.



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