In India, a tourist from Britain was stabbed 45 times and died, said police from India. Police announced they had a Dutch suspect who had confessed to the crime.

Sarah Groves was a fitness instructor who was killed on a houseboat in Kashmir. The suspect was found and arrested by police after he allegedly fled the scene. Police are currently investigating whether the woman had been sexually assaulted prior to being stabbed on the houseboat, which is also a hotel.

Police arrested Richard De Wit on Saturday after he had fled the houseboat where the personal trainer who was just 24 years of age had been found lying in a pool of blood dead. An examination performed by a coroner said that Groves had died from loss of blood due to her 45 wounds.

Groves had been living on the boat for the past two months after starting a relationship with the son of the boat owner. She was on holiday and had planned to leave during the week for a Nepal trekking tour and then continue to New Zealand.

Two of the owner’s sons found Groves’ body after their mother had heard noises in the early morning hours. Samir, another son, who said he was the Groves’ boyfriend, and shared a room on the boat with her, said he was staying with friends at the time of the murder.

Officials said that after De Wit was arrested, about 50 miles from the scene, he confessed to the slaying while in police custody. No details of what he said to police have been released by police.

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