According to a report, most of the drivers somehow are distracting themselves with several behind the wheel activities such as changing the clothes or singing while on roads. Several studies and surveys done by the AAA Foundation suggest that the behind the wheels activities by the drivers are making the roads even more unsafe and prone to accidents.


The month of April has been designated as the distracted driving awareness month to aware the drivers about how few simple activities can cause major accidents, and damage to lives and property. AAA Foundation reported that the distracted teenagers only produce 58% of the accidents in the country.

However, in an another survey by the Erie Insurance company, people were found talking and texting while driving. The company reported that nearly 15 percent are involved in the “romantic encounter” whereas 42 percent sing or dance, 30 percent said they fix up their beauty makeup, 15 percents admitted about reading and 9 percent said that they changed clothes behind the wheels. However, the remaining four percent said that they floss or brush their teeth and take selfies during the journey.

“A distraction is anything that causes a driver to take their eyes off the road, their hands off the wheel, or their mind off their primary task of driving safely,” said Doug Smith, a vice president at Erie Insurance. “Our survey found drivers, unfortunately, are engaging in a wide range of distracting and potentially dangerous behaviors.”

Daniel McGehee, principal investigator on the project and director of the center’s Transportation and Vehicle Safety Research Program also said,”These are unique data relative to other methods of measuring driver distraction. Understanding what was presented in the moments leading up to a crash will help provide important data to policymakers.“

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