A Rottweiler had lost its paws when left out in the open to gambol around in the freezing cold when a puppy learnt to walk on prosthetic legs for all of its four paws. Rottweiler is a 2-year old that lost its paws and hence, has been attended by prosthetic limbs.

The Rottweiler has a named coined called Brutus. It received prosthetic limbs by virtue of donations that roped in from hundreds of people. Laura Aquilina, who hails from Loveland, is the current, new owner of Brutus. Laura has an ultimate goal in mind to gift Brutus with the virtues of being a dog.

Brutus, a Rottweiler in Colorado, gets prosthetic surgery on all the 4 legs

A Good Samaritan Saved Brutus

The Rottweiler has visited many a vet in this regard, with Laura being proactive to get the best out of every doctor and get Brutus its gift of leading its life as a dog without any handicaps. There are people who saw the puppy’s fate without active limbs.

One fine day, a good Samaritan noticed this dog facing the vagaries of the freezing cold with all the four limbs affected duly owing to this cold. Incidentally, the person had a wide heart and noticed Brutus’ injuries, went up to it and offered for ready adoption.

Brutus’ Legs Were Amputated

The then-owner of Brutus adopted and kept the Rottweiler in Canon City in some store parking lot. A breeder had chosen to amputate Brutus’ affected and injured limbs, after they were frost bitten. However, no media houses could reach out to the breeder for details since there were no contacts available.

Orthopaedics Professor Hails The Use Of Prosthetics

The professor of Orthopaedics at the eminent Colorado State University, Felix Deurr is known to have focused his research solely on small animals. He mentioned that prosthetic surgery and inception of new, artificial limbs is hardly 15 year old in the medicine industry and is effective in a number of ways. A study on prosthetics and their effective is slated to be released publicly this year.

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  1. onlyelise

    This story is amazing!! What a sweetheart! On the other hand, the article is written so badly it’s almost incomprehensible. You may want to consider having a native English speaker proofread before posting your stories.


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