Heavy rains hit the capital of Argentina on Tuesday. The rains were the heaviest seen in Buenos Aires in over 100 years causing floods that killed at least six and left areas of the capital without electricity.

Over 350,000 residents in the city were affected by the rain that deluged the city with over 7 inches of rain in the early morning hours of Tuesday, announced Maurcio Macri the Mayor of Buenos Aires.

The city is trying to prepare for even more problems and deployed nearly 400 emergency workers because of updated weather forecasts predicting additional rain, he added.

Six people were killed in the flooding said the national health service, SAME. One of those killed was a subway worker who entered a station that had been flooded in the capital and was electrocuted.

Television news stations showed automobiles covered by water nearly to their roofs, home and offices flooded and emergency personnel making rescues in inflatable boats.

Storm drains that had been plugged from garbage or other debris were being cleared by residents to help lower the water level. Some residents who were angry in the areas that still did not have electricity started to bang on pots and pans as their way of protesting.

There would have been even more destruction and chaos from the storm had there not been two consecutive holidays for Easter and then Veterans Day. That helped to keep a number of businesses closed since the middle of last week.

Macri is a strong critic of Cristina Kirchner the Argentine President and an opposition figure. He blamed the national government’s failure to improve the drainage systems in areas outside the capital that flow into Buenos Aires, for the flooding.

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