There may be an easy and cool way to lose weight without hustles according to researchers in a new study. Scientists have found out that consuming dark colored grapes may be more than enough in helping people, better manage obesity, as well as other related metabolic disorders. Eating grapes or drinking juice or wine, may be more than enough, in this case.

The findings were concluded after researchers exposed the human liver and fat cells grown in the lab to four natural chemical ingredients found in Muscadine grapes. One chemical named ellagic acid was found to particularly slow down the growth of existing fat cells and the formation of new ones; substantially minimizing fat levels in the body.

The chemical was also found to be reliable in boosting the levels of metabolism in the body accelerating the burning down of fatty acids in liver cells. Red wine was also found to be beneficial in combating cavities as well defending against memory loss and Cancer. A faculty member of Texas A&M has reiterated that a compound found in red wine may especially help combat memory loss in the elderly.

The findings could go a long way in helping develop a dietary strategy for reducing the accumulation of fats in the liver. According to researchers, the goal of the study was not to replace medications for weight related issues, but for guiding people in the selection of food available, which have health related benefits.

Neil Shay, a molecular biologist at Oregon State University, has however reiterated that they did not find and didn’t expect that the compounds could improve body weight. Burning of more fat especially in the liver according to the biologist could help a great deal in improving the overall function of the liver especially in overweight people. Shay reiterates that the study does not imply that red wine is an unbelievable losing weight regiment.

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