George W. Bush the former President of the United States has said he believes his younger sibling should run for the presidency in 2016. Former President Bush said his brother Jeb would be a great candidate and would be great for the White House if elected.

President Bush said his brother did not need his counsel since he already knows he should run. Jeb Bush is a former governor of the state of Florida.

The former president said whether his younger brother ran or not was a personal decision only Jeb could make. However, the former president received some stern words from his mother Barbara, the former first lady, who said that she believes there has been enough President’s named Bush in the White House.

Bush gave his comments about his brother prior to the opening of his new presidential library in Dallas on the campus of Southern Methodist University.

Bush even spoke about a possible matchup in 2016 between his brother Jeb and the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The former president said it was very early to make any speculation about who would or would not run in the next presidential election. He also said it would become much clearer once the midterm elections have been held in late 2014.

Bush appeared at the inauguration of his library with all of his fellow former presidents, who are still living – George H.W. Bush his father, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Also attending was Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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