Health officials from California have confirmed another measles case that has affected the state resident of Washington. The outbreak has been linked to Disney parks in California. According to speculations, the measles outbreak could have been started from Disneyland itself. The disease is starting to be feared to give way to an epidemic judging by the increasing number of cases coming up every day.

Dozens of guests visiting the Disneyland have caught the disease in the outbreak. Among those infected include five of the theme park’s Resort Cast Members. Three of the employees have recovered completely and have resumed their jobs at the fun park. Disney claims to have offered its employees immunization and vaccines. The other two have received vaccinations but are currently on paid leaves until they get fully cured.

What is worrying health officials is the threat that the outbreak might be taking an epidemic turn. However, the present number of cases still does not count it as an epidemic. But Measles is highly communicable even without direct contact with the infected ones because it is an airborne disease. Last year, there were almost 600 cases recorded with the Centers of Diseases Control and Prevention.

Another alarming issue that is seen emerging is that a lot of infected people claim to have already received the MM vaccines. This suggests that even after being getting the vaccine against Measles, people are catching the infection. The issue has not been solved as to why this is happening and is a matter of concerns for the government, which is urging 100% of the population to get the MMR vaccines.

Americans have already started raising questions with the health officials. While some believe that the officials are not revealing the entire truth about these vaccines, others doubt if these vaccines are at all effective.

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