School children in California will require vaccination in public schools soon. The lawmakers in California are holding talks to pass this bill soon.

On Monday, this bill will be sent to Gov. Jerry Brown after the state Senate takes the final vote.

If this bill is passed, California will join hands with West Virginia and Mississippi, which are the only two states that have already enforced these requirements that address health issues.

However, there are stiff protests from parents who feel that their parental rights are being pried away by passing such bills. They also have support from the legislative Republicans and a few Democrats who agree with them.

Despite heavy opposition, the bill has been passed from the Senate and the Assembly. This was with bipartisan support.

Amendments made to the bill was SB277 by which, doctors could use the medical history of the family to evaluate ailments.

A grandfather clause was also established by which, if the student has a personal belief exemption claim currently with him, he can maintain it, till the next vaccine is due, checkpoint, which occurs in the kindergarten and in the seventh grade.

Democratic Sens. Ben Allen introduced SB277 from Santa Monica and Richard Pan from Sacramento. This was after there was a wide spread of measles that affected more than a hundred people in Mexico and the U.S. in December at Disneyland.

By making a few changes in the bill, it would be easy to get medical exemptions.

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