A series of games, which has famously sold 140 million copies now has its next version up on sale in the global markets. Kevin Spacey has ruled it out in this version of the game. Viso fame analyst Sterne Agee said, “Advanced Warfare would sell 15 per cent fewer than Ghosts which in itself sold fewer than Black Ops II despite the franchise becoming one of gaming’s most popular e-sports.”

However, the team at Sledghammer Games says, “The intention with the new game was set at the start of development. Right from the beginning, we knew we wanted a top Hollywood actor in the game, for the same reason that movies do; we wanted the best. Kevin Spacey is a phenomenal actor, and I’ve been a fan of his for a long time. When we were writing the story and the character of Jonathan Irons, we actually had Spacey in mind, because we wanted someone very charismatic in that role,” the creative director says.

The players who are well versed with the game can figure out the new changes made, in the movements and multiplayer games. New players too will be glued to it. “If someone has never played Call of Duty before, I think they’ll find Advanced Warfare to be pretty welcoming,” he says. “We have a great, exciting story for them to enjoy in the single-player campaign. We have some new features, like the Combat Readiness Program, which allows new players to enjoy multiplayer in a friendlier environment, so they can improve their skills.”

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