Residential homes and greenhouses in the US are aware that the camel crickets exist in their basements and in other crevices, but they are not aware that the camel crickets have the reproductive capability to take over basements in large numbers.

Camel crickets or sprickets are no direct threats to people, but still they are, they could carry infectious diseases, eat up fabrics, and overtake an entire basement in great numbers.

Researchers found out that the camel crickets, originally from Asia, can eventually over-populate the US in numbers that outnumber the number of persons living within the US. This was information was contained in the New Citizen Science Project’s study and made recently available to the general public. The camel cricket is more readily recognizable from other species by its arched back and long legs.

The camel crickets used to be more common and visible in greenhouses than in residential homes, hence being called the greenhouse camel cricket by some people. But today it is everywhere it is allowed in home basements and residential crevices. They survive by eating anything, and they have a great survival rate with the innate ability to over-multiply within a short space of time. Researchers believe they should number around 700 million in the eastern US, and this means they could soon take over other places in very little time.

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