While the true affects of Cellphones on people is unknown, a division of the World Health Organization said Tuesday that there is a “possible” link between cellphones and cancer.

Health Experts quickly point out that additional research is required to draw a definitive conclusion.

Thirty-one experts, convened last week in Lyon, France, by WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, analyzed existing studies, including two new ones that have not yet been published No new research was conducted.

They cited that there could be “some risk” and thus they need to keep a close watch for a link between cellphones and cancer.

Experts on both sides are lining up to either defend the use of cellphones or the report. The real truth is that there is no new research that clearly shows any connections between the two. And the new statement is simply just a blanket warning. Hopefully in the near future a detailed study can be done and this debate and be settled.

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