As nominees start lining up for a bid a the Oval Office, people are lining up to give them money.

Experts have already said that this could easily be a $2 Billion Dollar election. In 2008 President Obama shattered fundraising records when he collected over $745 Million. Which was more than twice what John McCain collected. That was four times as much as President Bush collected in 2000.

It is reported that President Obama campaign has targeted $1 billion dollars as the fund raising goal for 2012.

The Republican party will also be spending heavy, Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie raised over $71 Million for the midterms and have just announced that they have a $120 Million dollar goal for the 2012 election cycle.

With this type of money being generated and spent on an election cycle, one has to question if the Presidency is not being bought? Are the American people voting for the popular people, just the ones that they have heard about?

Popularity does not make a good President. I urge the American people to educate themselves about all of the candidates and their policies and associations. Vote in the primaries and Vote in the elections.


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