In its annual anti-smoking challenge, the Canadian Cancer Society is once again offering all smokers the chance to successfully kick the habit and win a grand prize in the process – a 2015 Toyota Corolla, Nissan Sentra, or Scion tC.

Tagged Driven to Quit, the anti-smoking society understands the fact that many smokers are hooked to the habit and face a serious battle overcoming the demon; but they are resolved in their drive to help all smokers overcome the problem without any hassles…and even consider winning a car prize as a motivation for succeeding.

To win a prize in the Driven to Quit anti-smoking competition, entrants within Ontario are encouraged to quit tobacco and cigarettes for the entire month of March, and they must also prove that they have remained free of tobacco for the whole month.

To be a potential winner, entrants must have registered by February 28 after which they will be entered for the prize draw to take place the first week of April. To quit smoking and qualify for the competition, entrants are required to fulfill some basic conditions:

  • List out or outline the reasons why you must quit smoking today
  • Set a date at which to actively quit smoking
  • Plan out how to deal with withdrawal symptoms
  • Set forth how to handle trigger situations and urges to wrap a smoke
  • Set out to delimit tobacco use before the set date for quitting

Set up since 2006 to encourage active smokers to quit smoking through some internal powers, the Driven to Quit challenge has assisted some 213,000 Ontarians to kick smoking in the face. According to John Atkinson, the director of tobacco control and cancer prevention at the Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario division, “Some need the support we provide through our Smokers’ Helpline and some benefit from the extra incentive of a prize to take that important step forward.”

And to this end, participants aiming at quitting smoking are encouraged to access a Smokers’ Helpline – a free and confidential service that provides personalized support, advice, and information about quitting smoking and tobacco use. Anyone can reach helpline support at 1-877-513-5333 and

5 Responses

  1. Alan Beard

    A free car to 1,could have been 500 free e-cig kits given out to many. The objective is to convert as many people away from smoking?

    • Ray P. G.Yeates

      Yes Alan and imagine the heartfelt stories and testaments from those grateful to be rid of tobacco smoke and all it’s ill effects. Imagine the relief of family members, children, sisters, cousins, mothers, fathers and friends; echoing their support and relief. Imagine still all those grateful individuals paying the message forward to even more smokers while educating those in awe how simple harm reduction can save hundred’s of thousands if not millions of live’s in a very short period of time. All for the price of car. Personally I cannot offer a car for free but giving out free kits as we go is a start and hopefully organizations such as the Canadian Cancer Society find it within it’s own cause to study the merits of such an idea as you have presented . Kudo’s to you sir!

      • Alan Beard

        You further enhanced the seed of an idea Ray, I really could see that happening IF the CCS were really and truly interested in reducing smoking rates. To any remotely fair-minded and inquisitive individual I ask you to read some of the works of David Sweanor,Clive Bates and a multitude of scientists who can ALL see the merits of e-cigs in Tobacco Harm Reduction. Anything remotely negative is like a passenger on a sinking ship not allowed to use an unapproved prototype liferaft.

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