Brooklyn’s Christopher Robinson is suffering from terminal cancer and expressed his last wish to meet his sister but was, unfortunately, denied visa. The man has urged the US Embassy to grant her sister the visa so she can come and visit him.

Robinson was diagnosed with the terminal cancer last year in summer and doctors could only promise him a few more months of survival. He was admitted to a New York City hospital last week.

Robinson is in the last stages of an uncommon and deadly type of cancer at a hospice operated by the Metropolitan Jewish Health System. His condition is worsening so rapidly that the hospital staff and family quickly arranged for one of his last wishes. He wanted to marry his long-time girlfriend before dying. Together, the couple has a two-year-old son, CJ. She had stayed with him through the best and worst of his times, he said. To fulfill the dream, the city clerk arranged for the licensing paperwork for Robinson in the hospital itself. The hospice staff arranged for all the decorations, cake, and even a musician to complete the marriage ceremony. Robinson reacted to the event by saying that it was something out of a dream.

After having that wish fulfilled, Robinson sought to see his sister, who is currently a citizen of Guyana, for the last time. Robinson’s sister, Michelle Robinson has not met him for around 20 years, but the siblings are deeply attached. But, unfortunately, his visa application was turned down by the US Embassy in Guyana. Robinson’s sister, who lives in Guyana with her two children, spent $200 on the visa application. In this context, Robinson’s mother said that they are now hoping that Michelle’s visa is granted. Christopher Robinson, his family, and well-wishers are now urging the US Embassy to help the dying man fulfill his last wish.

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