NASA space craft Cassini captures incredible images of the Saturn and its moon, Titan and Enceladus.

Carolyn Porco, Cassini imaging team leader, in a statement said,  “During this, our tenth holiday season at Saturn, we hope that these images from Cassini remind everyone the world over of the significance of our discoveries in exploring such a remote and beautiful planetary system. Happy holidays from all of us on Cassini.”

Pictures of Saturn’s moon, Enceladus shows its surface, peppered with endless fissures, fractures and ridges. Enceladus is unique in a sense that it features more than 100 geysers that are diffused across its south polar region. These geysers eject small icy particles into space. The ejected particles escape the moons gravity and form the ringed planet’s E ring.

Cassini also took pictures of another moon of Saturn, Titan. Titan’s surface is covered with lakes of liquid Methane and Ethane. Titan is also one of the Moons in the Solar system which has stable liquids on its surface. The camera of Cassini was so powerful that it also spotted a rotating high-altitude vortex at Titan’s South Pole.

The High Quality image beamed by the Cassini spacecraft which includes Wide angle pictures of the ringed planets North Pole looks stunning. The South Pole was also pictured by the Spacecraft’s cameras and it was all alluring with its stunning blue color.

Linda Spilker, the Cassini project scientist at NASA’s JPL, said “Until Cassini arrived at Saturn, we didn’t know about the hydrocarbon lakes of Titan, the active drama of Enceladus’ jets, and the intricate patterns at Saturn’s poles. Spectacular images like these highlight that Cassini has given us the gift of knowledge, which we have been so excited to share with everyone.”

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  1. HeartlandLiberal

    This web site, if it wants to be taken seriously, needs to invest in an editor, training for its writers, and copies of the various standard style guides for journalists. When I started reading this article, within a couple of paragraphs I quit counting the syntax and grammatical and usage errors. Even the word order in places is non-standard English, at first I thought, this has to have been written by a non-native English speaker.

    Seriously, this is bad, bad writing, as journalism, or, well, English in general.

  2. Fred Savage

    The title, “Cassini renders Saturn moon in stunning end-of-the-year photos”

    PLUS referencing one of the moons as “The Enceladus” (as opposed to simply by it’s name, Enceladus, vis-a-vis Titan)…

    PLUS an accompanying image of Saturn’s north pole as opposed to an image of any of Saturn’s moons…

    PLUS no link to the actual Cassini image archive that nearly everyone else “reporting” this topic on the Internet is using…

    EQUALS, “now we understand why the author in the byline hasn’t bothered filling out any personal information for her ‘About the Author” page”.

  3. Reader

    You may want someone to proofread this article before posting it, because it has a plethora of grammatical issues throughout it.


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