Yesterday I wrote about this amazing product being released online: CB Cash Code. Mike Auton, Chris X & Dave Daniels are the marketing masterminds behind this amazing suite of software.

[Watch The Introduction CB Cash Code Video]

So what is CB Cash Code? Honestly one of the simplest courses that I have every used. The course is completely automated, from site creation to backlink creation. It is so simple let me walk you through the steps.

1) Pick a Market [I picked Green Energy]

2) Click “Generate Website” –> Want to See An Example? Click Here to See My Green Energy Site – Note: No Extra Money is needed, they host the site for you

3) Pick Keywords to Promote

4) Download and Run the Automatic Backlinker Tool [Just add your chosen Keyword] (The Software is Windows Only, I was able to run the software on my Mac under VMWare without any trouble)

5) Sit and wait for traffic! That’s it!

It really is that simple, honestly you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Now you have to pick your Keywords correctly and it will take time to get traffic, but look at my site (above) . Looks good doesn’t it, and the best part is that I did nothing to build it.

[Watch The CB Cash Code Video]

If you are looking to jump start your online income, this course is a great place to start and one that you should highly consider. Mike and Chris have said that the opportunity will be limited, so if you are serious about making some money you should consider jumping in today. [Grab It Here]