An ongoing experiment in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP), Atlanta may have led to the spread of Ebola. The USA Today reported a recent announcement made by the CDCP, Atlanta. According to the announcement, during an Ebola virus experiment, some of the virus was transported from one laboratory to another on Monday.

In the process, some live virus is suspected o have been transported. Although the sample was contained on a sealed plate, the CDCP said that the material should not have been moved. In a statement, the Center said that it suspects one of the technicians to have been exposed to the live virus.

The Center informed that some lab scientists noted the mistake first on Tuesday. The CDCP however assured that no exposure occurred outside the secure lab and that there was no threat to the public at all. The lab technician suspected to have been exposed is under surveillance for a period of 21 days. As of now, no symptoms pointing to any illness has been noticed. In addition, anyone else who might have entered the lab in the period will also be evaluated for a potential exposure.

Next Steps

A CDCP spokesman, Tom Skinner commented that over the past few months, the lab protocols of the CDCP have been tightened. He further commented that such incidents involving human errors are unacceptable, and the Center will investigate the matter in detail.

The incident, which currently is being investigated internally by the facility, was informed to the Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell. The Center seeks to provide the investigation results on the event. As a routine safety process, the material was destroyed, and the lab was decontaminated after the experiment. To ensure further safety, the lab was decontaminated twice and is now shut.

According to the USA Today, the CDCP had reported more such incidents earlier in the year where it failed to comply with the safety guidelines.

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